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The Majesty of Kenya

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Embark on an awe-inspiring 10-day Safari in Kenya that will take you on a journey through some of the most spectacular destinations in the country. Commence your adventure with a City Tour in Nairobi, where you will discover the hidden gems of the bustling metropolis before boarding a flight to the Namunyak Conservancy. Once at the conservancy, get ready to experience an array of exhilarating activities, including game drives, guided walks, and cultural visits. Marvel at the diversity of wildlife that calls the reserve home, from the majestic Big Five to a plethora of bird species. Beyond wildlife, the Safari offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the local Samburu community. Learn about their customs and traditions, try local delicacies, and interact with friendly and hospitable people. The Namunyak Conservancy is also renowned for its innovative conservation efforts, which aim to protect the local environment and wildlife while providing sustainable livelihoods for the local communities. Witness first-hand how the reserve’s conservation initiatives are making a difference and contributing to a brighter future for both the local people and the animals. Overall, this 10-day Safari in Kenya promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories and a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of this remarkable country.

Itinerary highlights:

1. Luxury Safari Experience
2. Samburu Special Five
3. Fly-in safari to Mathews Range
4. Cultural Experience – The Singing Wells

Price includes:

  • In-destination transfers
  • Activities and excursions as detailed
  • All accommodation
  • 24-hour support while you travel

Itinerary Details:

Day 1: Nairobi

On arrival into Nairobi airport you will be met and briefed on your safari before being transferred to our hotel in the Karen suburbs.

Day 2: Nairobi City Tour

Discover Nairobi City beauty , history and sound as you visit its top sites such as Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Centre, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Karen Blixen and Bomas of Kenya-all with the benefit of a personal guide to share information about the local wildlife, history, and culture as you go.
After a pick up from your hotel or residency within Nairobi CBD, the tour begins with a visit to Nairobi National Park as early as 06:30hours. This park occupies 117km2 and was the first national park established in Kenya in 1946. It is the only wildlife park in the world where free ranging lions and rhinos share a city with humans and the only protected wildlife area in the world bordering a capital city dubbed “The World’s only wildlife capital.”
Once you’re done with your early morning game drive, proceed to David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. This orphanage is open to visitors for one hour every day (11:00hours –12:00hours). Spend your time here watching the mischievous baby elephant guzzle down milk and frolic in the mud.
After your time with the orphan elephants, head out to the famous Giraffe Centre where you’ll arrive at 12:30hours. Spend an hour at the center hand-feeding the friendly Rothschild Giraffes on the elevated walkway. These giraffes accept a kiss as they pick their food from your palms.
Depart at 13:30hours and stop over for a hearty lunch (payable direct as per the client’s choice of menu). For an informative afternoon, you can either take a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum which is housed in the original farmhouse that Blixen; Danish author of the book OUT OF AFRICA lived in from 1914 to 1931 or Nairobi Tribal Tour Place known as Bomas of Kenya.
Later in the afternoon you’ll be dropped off at your Hotel.

Hotel Options in Nairobi:

Day 3: Namunyak Conservancy

Today, take a trip above Kenya’s plains and into the views of the Mathews Mountains to experience the wild. The summits of the mountains loom over the lowlands, throwing shadows on the trees. Arrive at Sarara Camp’s airstrip, which is the only way in and out of the conservation area, and enjoy the amenities of amazing lodging as well as the expansive vista of the Kenyan wild before you. Sarara Camp is the leading ecotourism hotel, blending excellent accommodations with the raw, unspoiled beauty of the surrounding environment. The Namunyak community owns and operates the lodge, with all proceeds going to the Namunyak Conservation Trust. Settle into your luxurious tent, fit for royalty, with a breathtaking view of the Mathews Range right outside your door. Sit on your private terrace as the evening cools; the rich aroma of freshly made coffee lingers in the silhouette of the mountains.


Day 4: Explore the Namunyak Conservancy

The morning sun shines brightly over the horizon, and the aroma of coffee fills your room once more. The surrounding foliage has a lovely aroma from the early dew. Climb aboard your game driving vehicle and venture into the wilds of Sarara. The trees tower into the air in the distance. The world is perfumed with golden straw. Scour the horizon for signs of life; from elephants to giraffes, the wonders are endless. The vehicle turns a corner and you hear the awkward chirp of the African wild dog, frequently encountered in the valley. The wild dog is severely endangered and incredibly precious. The pack can be heard rustling in the brush beyond you. The alpha gives the pack warning, and eventually chirps the sound of safety. They frolic and play in the gentle sun. Their black and brown spots blend with the distant grass. Their playfulness is infectious. When the sun starts to set over the horizon the mountains change color and the colors of the grass glow in the dusky haze. The rich aroma of vegetables from the camp’s garden roasts in the dwindling light. The day ends beneath the stars filling the night sky like diamonds.


Day 5: Full Day Exploration of Namunyak

The Sarara Valley is yours to explore once more on a game drive. The early morning rise comes with the divine taste of mocha from your coffee, the soothing warmth readying you for the sensational day to come. It is easy to see vulturine guinea fowl along the side of the vehicle, feeding in the dry brush. Their plumage is an iridescent blue fading into their black tail feathers, with specks of white strewn through. The elusive and prolific big cat, the leopard, may also make an appearance. The gentle breeze blows through the afternoon air, bringing the warm musk of the trees around you. Your guide quietly points to a tree nearby. A lone branch sways in the breeze and you realize it isn’t a branch at all but a tail. Along the strong, twisted branch above lies a leopard, lounging in the canopy. The spotted fur helps the big cat blend into the bark and leaves. You quickly learn why Sarara is recognized as one of the best places in Africa for quality leopard viewing.


Day 6: Cultural Experience - The Singing Wells

After a delicious breakfast you will follow your guide out of the camp to visit the sensational culture of the Samburu. The Samburu people bring their cattle to a known waterhole in the semi-desert geography. It is a rare spot where both humans and animals find respite and life from the wilderness. The singing wells offer an experience that is completely unique. Each family owns a single well and will sing as they bring water up from the source. The soft melody rises into the air; the cows recognize their family song and journey to their well for a drink. The morning sunlight makes the colors of the villager’s beads and the granite of the earthen rocks sparkle. Orange dust rises from the herd as their bells jingle in the brush. The sensational spectacle continues and you will realize that you are witnessing a tradition that hasn’t changed for centuries.
After the astonishing experience of the singing wells you will be able to visit the Samburu village itself. The Samburu are a tribe closely related to the famous Maasai of East Africa. The Samburu are semi-nomadic, raising cattle, sheep, goats and camels. The Rift Valley province in Kenya is somewhat barren making the Samburu relocate around every five to six weeks to find fresh grazing grounds for their cattle. The huts are built from mud, hide, and grass mats threaded around poles. A thorny fence, known as a boma, is built to protect the family and the herd from wild animals. Their necklaces and bracelets shine in the sunlight with vibrant yellows and vivacious reds. From one loose necklace to hundreds of various sizes that build upon on another, connected in the center and wrapping around their shoulders, the uniqueness is breathtaking. Walk among the people as they continue to live their lives as they have for centuries and more. The goats bleat, the cows moo, and the villagers milk their animals, bead necklaces, and tend to their gardens. The sun drifts behind the mountains and another wonderful day of exploration has come to an end.


Day 7: A Day with Ol Lolokwe

Today you will venture outside of camp to visit the sensational monolith of Ol Lolokwe. The orange granite changes colors in the shifting sun, the shadows of the rock spreading across the savannah. Acacia trees line the savannah floor, the scent of mint spreading from its leaves. Watch the black and white stripes of the zebra graze along the valley floor, nodding their snouts and kicking their heels as you pass them. Standing tall and looming over the valley sits the table top of Ol Lolokwe. The rock is smooth on your fingers, the sun is warm on your skin, and the complete seclusion from the top of the mountain feels like the entire world is at your feet.


Day 8: Take a walk with the Wildlife

Follow your guide along the valley floor as they take you through the brush to see the wildlife on an incredible walking safari. The vast expanse of the savannah opens up to the foothills of the Mathews Mountain Range. The rustle in the trees in the distance comes from the giraffes grazing on lush acacias. Their tongues wrap around the branches, thorns included, and pull at the prickly stems of the tree. The giraffe takes long and calculated strides almost moving in slow motion. Their spots shine brown and gold in the afternoon sun. The treble of your guide’s voice bounces through the brush as they describe the variety of flora and the diversity of fauna, and as you witness the speed and grace of weavers flying through the air, chirping along the trees, and threading their nest along branches.


Day 9: A Day with the Ponies!

The wonders of the Sarara Camp and the Sarara Valley are never ending. Today you will have the opportunity to saddle up onto a bush pony and follow your guide to the beautiful sights of the hard to reach areas. The yellowing straw of the valley waves in the breeze. The mountains beckon you closer. The ponies climb up hard rock and through the tough brush onto plateaus that offer a view of the flatlands below. The stunning coats of impala shimmer against watering holes, their horns large and mighty, the white puff of fur around their chest protruding. The horses meander along the bushes. Camel trains can be seen swaying beside the road. Open your eyes and ears and perhaps you can spot an elusive Black rhino. Black rhino are known for being independent grazers, meandering through the brush like lone cowboys. Their beaks come to a tiny point and their overall size is smaller than the White rhino. A rustle in the brush, a scamper through the grass, or a huff from their feeding could bring you closer to a rhino than you ever knew you could be. Return to Sarara with the wonders of the valley and the mountains forever majestic no matter how much time you spend exploring.


Days 10: Departure

Enjoy the delicious comforts of breakfast before you catch a flight and return to Nairobi. Sample one of Nairobi’s excellent restaurants before transferring to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for your international flight home

Kwaheri (Goodbye)


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Our unique network of on-the-ground experts, local experts, and hand-picked guides ensures that every experience is truly extraordinary
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We care greatly about our society, which is why we make every effort to protect the environment, collaborate with local communities, and support grassroots initiatives.
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Every experience we provide is meticulously curated and tailored to your specific passions and interests.
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